BBCWFI took part in the Social dialog meeting on 13th June 2017 in Brussels


On 13th June 2017, the European Comission organized a Social dialogue with the participation of all European Furniture association and sindicates. Members of the BBCWFI took part in the dialogue.

During the meeting were discussed the possibilites for a future conference for creating an unified standards for:


-          air purification in the factories of the sectore

-          fire retardancy in the furniture manufacturing

-          campaign for a providing safe and healthy work environment

-          the aging workforce in the sector



The organization which participated in the Social dialogue were:




           -          European furniture industries confederation/EFIC/;

           -          Representatives of the European commissionската комисия;

           -          Federazione Europea per Lavoratori delle Costruzioni e del Legno /FETBB/

           -           European furniture manufacturers association /UEA/