Meeting "Traders - Manufacturers"

On 30 June 2017, in Plovdiv, BBCWFI organized a meeting "Traders - Manufacturers" for the furniture industry, attended by more than 43 representatives of companies.



The event started with a seminar on "Brand - a successful bet for cooperation of traders and producers", during which the participants declared the necessity of branding the products in order to build a Bulgarian brand.


After the seminar part, the beginning of the meeting between traders and producers was opened.


Both sides debated the issues to be addressed in the Program:


- Fair and unfair competition, statutory promotional rules;

- Margin of trading companies - small, medium and large;

- Labeling of the label-making company at the commercial site;

- Trade discounts from producers to traders;

- Penalty Liability Regulation - ways and form of payment;

- Principal % discounts minimum - maximum from manufacturers to traders;

- Giving forecasts qualities by traders for a minimum of 3-6 months for production;

- Intercompany indebtedness



The representatives of the companies took an active part and discussed further issues that are pressing for solving the sector. In order for the meeting to be fruitful, a lawyer also took part - Mrs. Marincheva on Legal Issues.