Мeeting with the commercial and economic consultant abroad

On July 25, 2018, an annual meeting was held in Sofia with the commercial and economic consultant abroad.


The event was attended by nearly 60 honorable persons from commercial and economic consultant abroad.


On a official ceremony held by the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry were given the annual awards of the Commercial and economic consultants abroad.

Awarded during the ceremony were:


1. Тhe commercial and economic consultant in India – Mr. Ilia Dekov

2 Тhe commercial and economic consultant in Poland – Mr. Yordan Draganchev

3 Тhe commercial and economic consultant in Israel – Mr. Kamen Minkov


The Ministry of Economy continues the initiative to support Bulgarian producers and exporters in their access to foreign markets and other areas of bilateral relations.



Representative of BBCWFI – Mr. Ivaylo Todorov, Market Survey Manager, took part in the Workshop of business representatives and trade and economic advisors in order to further develop the international activity of the organization and its members.


Source: BBCWFI