International Exhibitions World of Furniture & Technomebel – Edition 2015

This year Technomebel and World of Furniture presented 157 companies that showcased over 300 different brands from 29 countries over an exhibition space of 12 thousand sq.m.


The two exhibitions again provided both businesses and end consumers the opportunity to see everything for furniture industry in one place – from machinery and equipment for the production of furniture ,plus materials and accessories, up to ready-made products. The events were attended by 9,500 visitors.


For designers

During the exhibitions there were held two contests – Bulgarian Furniture of the Year 2015 contest and a product design contest entitled Furniture of the Year – Ideas Workshop.


GS Malmgren Interiors won the first and second place in the contest for Bulgarian furniture of the year with their chairs – RAIE and Scribble, while the third place was won by Retroujut Aksaga with a sofa triple site. The children’s bed “COSH” by Proline Ltd won the visitors’ vote.


The competition for product design was attended by 37 designers with a total of 66 projects. They participated in five categories – furniture, accessories, table, chair, upholstered furniture, as the winners are respectively “Mohu” designed by Ivan Arnaudov “Metal shelf” designed by Niki Mihaylov, “LL table”, designed by  Gabriela Staykova, “Pretzeld” chair design by Velichko Velikov and the “DADA” sofa designed by Svilen Gamolov.


CHERGA – Bulgarian Design Group organized a discussion on design and its practical application, current problems and solutions, how to sell design , how to protect the work of designers, when and how to participate in exhibitions.


Furthermore, at the booth of CHERGA, visitors could obtain a free 3D scanning and 3D printing, including free consultations on interior and product design.




For businesses

The Branch Chamber of Woodworking and Furniture Industry (BCWFI) held an Info Day on how to participate in the Competitiveness program and companies certification, as well as bilateral business meetings between hotel and restaurant keepers, architects and designers with manufacturers of furniture, cosmetics and textiles.


Besides the bilateral meetings ,for the second consecutive year BCWFI in cooperation with Inter Expo Center organized a visit of foreign businessmen – a hosted buyers programme, which included 60 wholesalers from 10 countries.


Moreover, on April 23 experts from IKEA and the University of Forestry indicated some  important objectives in the field of trademark management and marketing tools for brand management.


There was an interesting event in the days of the exhibition – a donation by one of the largest manufacturers of furniture fittings in the world – Hettich (Germany). The company donated 20 kitchen cabinet to 20 kindergartens in Sofia Municipality, that were elaborated during Technomebel and World of Furniture.