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Matrax is an exclusive distributor of Magniflex and iSleep brands for South-eastern Europe. Our mission is to develop and present innovative products and services that will better the lives of our customers and be beneficial for the success of our business partners.


Magniflex is the leader in the Premium segment for mattresses and sleep accessories and is present in more than 80 countries around the world. Magniflex’s philosophy is connected to the dream that lead has lead the company for more than 50 years – the search of perfect sleep, not as a mere comfort, but as a way of bettering the life of each person aligned with the conservation of the environment. The company follows the newest technologies in the industry, uses the highest quality materials and observes a set of strict quality control standards. As a result of that, Magniflex offers lifetime warranty for all models from Premio collection and 25 years for Classico.

Developed in Italy, the whole range of hotel products by Magniflex abides by the high international quality standards. Over 200 hotels in Bulgaria, furnished with Magniflex Hotel Line ensure quality sleep and comfort for their guests.

Magniflex hotel line incorporates modern technologies and high-quality materials and all products are made with care for the environment and human health. The combination of exquisite quality, supreme comfort and durability ensures that your investment in Magniflex Hotel line products will be secure and successful with a guarantee of up to 10 years. Many Bulgarian and international hotel owners trust Matrax as their longterm business partner. Among those are  Arena di Serdica, Grand Hotel Velingrad, Metropolitan Hotel Sofia, Sense Hotel, Bristol Hotel, Hotel Central, Park Hotel Imperial, Plamena Palace, Dvoretsa Velingrad and more than 200 other hotels in Bulgaria, Greece and Romania.


iSleep is a dynamic and fast developing brand, that offers mattresses, pillows and sleep accessories that combine new technologies, quality materials and affordable price. Manufactured in leading European factories, iSleep products are innovative and modern. They follow the best and newest practices in the business and guarantee a healthy sleep and happy life.

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