KAN Uchtehsport Bulgaria
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“KAN Uchtehsport Bulgaria” Ltd. is the first private company in Bulgaria specializing in the manufacture and trade of tube and metal  furniture, melamine faced panel furniture, upholstered furniture and sports equipment for schools and kindergartens. The company was established in 1991 and operates on the Bulgarian market with several brands that covers all the needs of the educational system in the country.
The company has been recognized as a leader in the production of primary school and office furniture. KAN works with hundreds of schools and universities in the country with the “KAN Furniture” trademark and also furnishes classrooms and offices, as well as executive offices, school and conference rooms.
Another brand of the company is “KAN Sport”, which provides equipment for sports halls and gyms, as the company produces the majority of sports equipment.

Modern CNC machines at each plant guarantee the excellent quality of workmanship and performance even with the most diverse orders. The structures of the products are designed by experienced designers and engineers using advanced software that achieves high performance and precision.
Currently “KAN UCHTEHSPORT BULGARIA” Ltd. employs over 100 people. The company works with teams of specialists in metalworking, woodworking and furniture. It has a highly qualified designers, technologists and engineers. Many of the workers are proficient in two or more manufacturing operations. The company’s products are distinguished by ease of use, reliability, durability and ergonomics.

Workshop “Chipboards and panels” is equipped with compatible CNC machines – High-performance panel-sizing saw HOLZMA HPL 380 cutting and slicing 4 chipboard panels at a time, edge banding HOMAG KAL machine, WEEKE Venture. Orbiter and Turanlar machines for edge banding curved details fulfill the machine park. The series covers the complete process – cutting, edging, drilling, profiling. The software used in the machines allows optimization of all production operations and covers the highest standards for accuracy and efficiency. The connection of the machines in the production process line allows processing large amounts of panels faster, more economically and with greater flexibility.
Workshop “Metal details and constructions” is equipped with 5-axe bending and other machines for each operation and automated welding machines as well. They apply in a serial assembly line and the technological process is separated into different operations synchronized. Metal parts used in furniture are powder-coated in unlimited RAL colors that may vary.

To meet the market needs, the company products are offered to customers across the country without any transportation fees, regardless of the volume of the orders.
“KAN UCHTEHSPORT BULGARIA” Ltd. management puts the quality of the products, the protection of the environment and ensures a safe and healthy work conditions among its top priorities. The Company has implemented three management systems ISO 9001:2008 ” – quality management ISO 14001:2004″ – environmental management and OHSAS 18001:2007 „- health and safety at work management.



Sofia – tel.:+3592 920 8888; fax: +3592 920 8889; +359 886 797717; + 359 878 367231; +359 878 367 233

Plovdiv – tel.: +359 32 643 380;+359 886 430 760; +359 878 367 236

Ruse – tel.: +359 82 823 844; + 359 878 367 239; +359 878 367 210

Yambol – tel.: +359 46 66 66 22; +359 878 367 241;