Mattresses, Ruse

BLIAN mattresses are the first created in Bulgaria doublesided mattresses

without springs and they have an original certificate for orthopaedic properties.

They have been present on the market since 1994,

initially produced under the name DREAMS. The production of the mattresses

is performed using a new technology without glues, thus eliminating

any residual odour. The technology is the first of its kind in the country

and is very suitable for babies, children and people with allergies. The main material

in the production of our mattresses is 3Dprofiled polyurethane foam, manufactured

using 100% percent wastefree technology. Through various combinations of density,

hardness and arrangement of layers we achieve natural springy effect

and maximum ventilation between the layers.

The brand “BLIAN mattresses” offers on the Bulgarian market products in

three main lines:

1001 Nights Collection – boutique series, which symbolizes the luxury

and comfort of the fairy palaces.

Modern Home Collection – designed for people with contemporary

and modern thinking: practical and comfortable.

“Dreams” Children’s Collection – orthopaedic mattresses for babies and children,

the perfect care for calm and healthy sleep of your children.

BLIAN also offers accessory products for the bedroom: pillows,

blankets, mattress systems.

Basic belief of the entire team of BLIAN mattresses is caring for the good sleep

and relax of our customers – a guarantee for good health and spiritual harmony!