Petar Mihaylov and Co Ltd
Slabs countertops, Sofia

Company Petar Mihaylov & Co is a family-owned producer of a wide range of products for the furniture & interior design industry. The company also distributes exclusively more than 15 renowned brands such as Kleiberit, Gruppo Mauro Saviola, Barberan, Neolith, FENIX, IMA, OHRA, Basys, Tristone и други


MASTER PROFIL is a product by company Petar Mihaylov & Co. The brand offers the widest portfolio of products for the furniture, interior & exterior industries worldwide. Our products include boards with special surfaceselements for doorsinterior doorsfurniture profilessemi-finished products. Our company uses only the highest quality materials sourced from the most reputable & established suppliers in Western Europe. As a result, the MASTER PROFIL range has been sold in 6 different continents making it the most succesful brand of its kind for exclusive products for the furniture, interior & exterior industries.

Sofia 1592, Iztochna Tangenta Str 110