Accessories decoration, Sofia

The future of our children is born in the present. This principle applies not only to our families but also to all of us at Phivex. Anyone who works with natural materials, such as wood, feels a special sense of responsibility to nature. And anyone who considers the delicate balance of our ecosystem understands how demanding this work must be.


A part of nature for a better life:

For over 25 years, PHIVEX has been working towards sustainable development by using products with certified quality, eco-friendly and long-lasting life, made by world-renowned companies.

  • Bauwerk Parkett – High quality natural wooden parquet flooring – delivery and professional installation
  • OSMO – Wood oil finishes: colored and clear; for interior and exterior, children toys, kitchen countertop and chopping board, garden furniture, doors, windows and wooden products
  • Wooden decking – delivery and installation
  • Cladding

Wooden floor planks

1680, SOFIA, 91 PIRIN str.