Obligations of data controllers under the new General Data Protection Regulation


This Privacy Statement contains information on the following issues:




  • When will the new General Data Protection Regulation begin to apply?
  • Will the new Regulation on personal data controllers processing data outside the European Union apply?
  • What is the “Joint Administrators” figure?
  • What are the obligations for data controllers and processors with respect to the new General Data Protection Regulation?
  • When is the controller and the processor obliged to designate a Data Protection Officer?
  • Which rights of the data subject must be adhered to by the controller under the General Data Protection Regulation?
  • Does the new regulation introduce stricter control over personal data processors?
  • Do personal data controllers in Bulgaria have to register with the Commission for Personal Data Protection as they have done so far?
  • How will the supervision of compliance with the new legal framework on personal data protection be implemented?
  • Should data controllers comply with the new Regulation if they process only personally-identifiable personal data?
  • Are the data controllers obliged to provide a higher level of protection for children’s personal data?


Source: Commission for personal data protection