Photo exhibition “The beauty in my hands. The future in my hands”

BCWFI has presented a photo exhibition under the motto "The beauty in my hands. The future in my hands", where were shown photographs of works and products created by students from vocational schools in the field of woodworking and furniture production.
The visitors had the opportunity to witness a different and exciting interpretation of what is to preserve the traditions of a craft, refracted through the prism of the creative children and narrated with much love. Driven by an irresistible desire for an exciting future, students use their talents to give real value and significance of the profession.
The exhibition is part of the project "Business and education – intersection point", supported by America for Bulgaria Foundation. The aim of the project is to attract more young and motivated people in the industry, improving the good image of the profession and support of vocational schools and University of Forestry  in preparing professionals to meet the requirements of the business. The initiative is being implemented in cooperation with Sofia Municipality.

Preview the exhibition HERE