Size of direct foreign investments in Bulgaria by country

Nearly 180 countries have direct investments in Bulgaria. In the distribution of FDI by country, there is some positive movement. The positivity assessment is based on a definite (albeit minimal) pre-emptive participation of the EU countries. Total FDI in Bulgaria for 2014-2017 increased by 2.8%, while EU Member States increased by 3.2%. European investments (EU) form permanently about 4/5 of the total volume of FDI in Bulgaria.



The leadership position in the FDI rating has taken the Netherlands steadily ahead of schedule. Austria also has a significant share, but has declined sharply over the past three years (27%!). Germany holds a lower position, albeit with a steady trend of growth. Sensitive growth marks Italy, which increases its investment 2.7 times in 2016. At this stage, it is unclear whether and how far this growth will last.



Non-EU countries, Russia and Turkey are of particular interest. In both countries, their wider participation in the investment and economic life of the country is related to concerns, albeit with a different hue. Russia visibly does not (or does not manage) to expand its apparent investment and economic participation, while Turkey has a clear positive dynamics, albeit at a relatively low level. It is a question of a decision by the macroeconomic management to take (or not) actions that would stimulate this type of non-EU investment and economic cooperation.



Data from the Annual Report 2018 "Economic Development and Policy in Bulgaria: Assessments and Expectations of the Institute of Economic Studies of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.



Source: EconomyNews